CMM Inspection Facility

Raycom uses the Zeiss Contura G2 coordinate measuring machine with a measuring range of 900×2,100×600 (X×Y×Z.) This is a state-of-the-art machine able to measure a variety of metal components, with a degree of accuracy of 0.00008 inch.  The Contura G2 is capable of highly automated inspections allowing Raycom to provide a wide spectrum of consistent quality control testing.

Profile Projector Inspection

Raycom uses the Mitutoyo Profile Projector testing instrument that offers a high-resolution image for better quality and accurate checking. The instrument is equipped with the latest features that make it an excellent and specialised tool for our quality assurance services.

Reverse Engineering

Raycom can offer its customers a wide portfolio of engineered solutions tailored to their needs by utilising its in-house design and development team.